China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research

China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research (hereinafter referred to as "CIBSDR"). which is affiliated to China Architecture Design & research Group, was found in 1956. The predecessor of CIBSDR was Institute of Building Standard Design & Research under the State Commission of Construction, and it was scientific research institution affiliated to the Ministry of Construction before 2000, when it was transformed into state-owned sci-tech enterprise. CIBSDR is currently the sole comprehensive enterprise of scientific research, design and technical service, covering national standard and code compilation and administration, national design drawing compilation and administration, engineering design, civil air defense engineering, building products certification and building software R&D, etc.. CIBSDR has great reputation in the building industry as well as nationwide influence.

CIBSDR has been granted with the first-grade qualification certificate for building design, the first-grade qualification certificate for civil air defense design, first-grade qualification certificate for construction intelligence system design, second-grade qualification certificate for urban planning compilation, qualification for certificating urban-rural building products and designated production enterprise for civil air defense protective equipment.

CIBSDR has excellent scientific research foundation and deep historical accumulation , and CIBSDR has been always taking technological progress of building industry as our task, scientific research, standard and technological innovation as the guidance, striving to provide technical support for the construction industry and high-quality service for the customers. The main business scope of CIBSDR includes: compilation and administration of standard and codes in construction field; compilation, publishing and distribution of national building standard design drawings; design and consulting of construction engineering; design and study of underground civil air defense engineering; R&D and production of civil air defense protective equipment as well as general construction of civil air defense engineering; study of building products application and certificate of building products; development and promotion of building software; design and study of building energy-saving technology; study and technical support for building seismic isolation. Meanwhile, CIBSDR also undertake numbers of state and ministries' research projects of the above fields, with abundant achievements being yielded.

For years, CIBSDR has compiled "Code for design of civil building" and "Unified standard for building drawings ", etc. 43 important national and industry standards, 105 national building standard design drawings, 30 national technical specifications for civil building engineering design. And CIBSDR has undertaken 110 state and ministries' research projects, including 18 national science and technology support projects of "the ninth five-year plan", "the tenth five-year plan" and "the eleventh five-year plan". Until now, CIBSDR has completed 733 design projects of various industrial and civil buildings as well as over 100 technical consulting projects. Of the above achievements, 12 won national awards, 172 won provincial awards, with 15 patents and 9 software copyrights being obtained.

CIBSDR is the sole institution entrusted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the P. R. C. for administration of state building standard design drawings, and CIBSDR also undertakes Architecture and Electric Design Standardization Technical Committee and Construction Products & Fittings Standardization Technical Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the P. R.C. as well as National Technical Committee 454 on Building Components and Fittings of Standardization Administration of China. Meanwhile, CIBSDR is domestic counterpart for ISO/ TC59, TC162 and TC10/SC8. Besides, CIBSDR also undertakes secretariats of a number of industry associations, such as the Working Committee on Standard Design and the Branch Committee on Civil Air Defense & Underground Space Construction of China Exploration & Design Association, the Branch Committee on Building and Municipal Products Application of China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization, Industrial Cooperation Committee of China Real Estate Association, Building Energy-saving Standard and Quality Inspection Committee and Building Sun-shading Committee of China Building Energy-saving Association, etc..

CIBSDR has over 500 staffs, including: 1 national exploration and design master, 1expert enjoying government special subsidy that was approved by the State Council, 3 master tutors, 28 class A state registered architects, 33 class A state registered structure engineers, 15 state registered equipment engineers, 9 state registered electrical engineers, 4 state registered planning engineers. And CIBSDR has basically formed a group of excellent personnel with high academic degree, reasonable professional echelon and great comprehensive quality, with staffs of senior technical titles taking 90%.

Through 55 years' development, CIBSDR will continue taking "devote to the country, serve the society, add value to customers and achieve staff dreams" as our mission, sticking to "people oriented, honor foremost, precision for survival and innovation for keeping strong" as our core values, following "meeting challenges by striving spirit, overcoming difficulties by team strength, conducting works with full of enthusiasm and embracing life with optimistic attitude" as our enterprise spirit, gathering strength and wisdom, continuously forging ahead, carefully serve customers and bravely undertake social duties to realize enterprise value, promote building industry development and create hundred years' brilliance.

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